About Us

Some things in life are better together and that’s the case with the alliance of BY Group and Construction Control.

BY Group and Construction Control joined forces to deliver top quality construction work and Indigenous engagement outcomes to the Australian Commercial and Government sectors.

In a world that increasingly demands both transparency and compliance around procurement, project deliverables and social outcomes, BYCC Alliance offers the best of both worlds. Connection to country and the synergies created from our joint capabilities have produced one unique and powerful construction company.


Building through Alliance

Together, we formed BYCC Alliance. 100% Australian-owned and operated, BYCC Alliance is dedicated to helping ‘Close the Gap’ by offering lasting construction career pathways, skills, and opportunities for Indigenous Australians.

Our Vision

A sustainable alliance between a quality Indigenous owned company and a successful Australian owned partner

Our Mission

  • Value for money for our clients
  • Genuine outcomes for our Indigenous colleagues and the communities in which we deliver our projects
  • To continually grow our own talent

Our Values

Our values guide us to work cohesively as an alliance and within the communities we deliver our projects:

  • Respect - Respect of culture, colleagues, suppliers, clients and our environment
  • Honesty – Honesty and fairness in everything we do
  • Quality - To deliver excellence, each time, to every client
  • Trust - To be a trusted partner for clients and community

Core Principles

Sustainable practices within our business which focus on Health, Safety and the Environment

We are committed to successful long term partnerships that will benefit all Australians

To work together to achieve quality commercial and social outcomes

To successfully achieve our desired vision and planned goals

Accreditations and Policies

BYCC Alliance is passionate about our environment, the health and safety of our people, and the benchmarks of quality and performance.

Please review our third-party construction management systems in all facets of quality, environmental and safety management systems.

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